Did you know that there are many benefits to enrolling your kids in a garden school? A garden school is a fantastic way to teach children different important and useful lessons that they can use for the rest of their lives.

Introducing to children can be a tough job not to mention also a messy one. Teachers would reqindex.1uire a lot of volunteer to help them in assisting the kids. But at the end of the day, all their efforts will be worth it because there will be children who will learn and appreciate gardening more.

To be able to educate young school kids how to appreciate and love gardening is to always keep them interested. The best first lesson that you can introduce is the about life cycles of plants. You can have them observe the growth of different flowering or fruit seeds. Remember that the lessons that you will introduce to your student depends on their age and their learning capabilities.

After getting these kids interested, the next step is to motivate them. Everybody knows that plants does not grow overnight. Kids might find this boring and they might lose interest. What you need to do is devise other activities that will occupy their time. You can have some competitions like vegetable gardening contest where each section or group competes for the most produce or the biggest.

small-83025_640It is also important that aside from enjoying some competitions, the kids can also learn a lot about your lessons. Explain the significance of every stage that a plant undergoes. A lecture about soil fertility and weed have a high possibility of boring the kids to death, which it is important to think of a topic which they can participate and relate to. A lesson that will the interest of the kids will be your best bet in keeping them interested with gardening.

In terms of designing your garden, it is much advisable to keep it small and simple. Children will feel more accomplishment from small successes than large project that seem to not have an ending. As much as possible, make every project fun and always keep it simple.

Aside from learning about gardening, you can also have a lesson on how important fruit and vegetables are. A valuable nutritional education could also be taught in a garden school. Lessons about the benefits and joys of eating healthy, fresh foods and the life long impact that they can get from it is definitely immeasurable. Having a garden is not only an economical way to get around budget cuts but to also teach nutrition at the same time.


There are many ways on how we can teach the youth about the importance of gardening and taking care of the environment. Children can have fun as well as become more educated about nature,

There is one trick to make a garden school successful. It requires series of steps and each step taken in garden schools counts a lot. The success of every project that you have depends on how you make kids interested in gardening.