Xara Learning Village
Influences and Approaches

The educational approach of the Xara Learning Village offers the natural methods and approaches proven most effective for learning, in a program of public education meeting California’s standards and testing requirements.

These methods and approaches, however, are not compatible with the model of the traditional classroom, nor with conventional ideas about how learning occurs. The flexibility offered to Charter Schools, on the other hand, allows us to implement a new model, based on the best research about how learning actually and naturally occurs.

The tapestry of Xara learning is woven from the best research in childhood development and education, with strands including:

  • Strong emphasis on the student inquiry, theory-building, co-learning, and documentation methods of the Reggio Emilia schools;
  • Dr. Jane Nelsen’s “Positive Discipline;”
  • Lifting elements of play, natural rythms, beauty, sense of place and history from Rudolf Steiner and the Waldorf schools, John Dewey, and Maria Montessori;
  • Brain-based learning for all the multiple intelligences, and individual, developmentally appropriate challenges
  • Servant leadership, participatory citizenship, and “gift economy”
  • Ecological literacy, place-based education, and “No Child Left Inside”
  • The global perspectives and languages of the International Baccalaureate Organization.

Throughout the K-12 program, emphasis is placed on understanding the history of world civilizations and their technologies, arts, cultures, and religions. This understanding is the key to meeting today’s challenges and to reaching tomorrow’s promise.

Xara schools engage:

  • Study of local and global sustainability, infrastructure, and development of the green collar economy
  • Development of global, multicultural perspectives, languages and networks
  • “Bioneering:” systems thinking and design, deep ecology, and biomimicry: the science of finding sustainable engineering solutions in nature’s living systems

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